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Hi and welcome to my website where I have very unusual artisan jewelry for your pleasure in viewing, either to purchase or for inspiration.


My name is Nancy Sholtey, I live on a small organic farm in northern Georgia, shared with my daughter and her precious family. They do the farming, I do the jewelry making.


My desire to create jewelry stems from the fact that I never found jewelry that satisfied the certain look that I wanted to wear. I wanted something that had beautiful stones set in a very high gallery. Most rings are quite low, but I wanted tall.  


I also wanted the look of the Old World -- something that looked like it came from a different century. Something like an heirloom that may have been passed from generation to generation.

I certainly did not want mass-produced pieces, but the handcrafted pieces that I could afford all looked the same with bezel set stone cabochons. I wanted the sparkle and pizzaz of diamonds or precious stones.


So began my odyssey into the realm of creating jewelry.


BUT, let me tell you that what an artist imagines or hopes to create from the image in their mind doesn’t always happen...so let me explain.


Handmade VS Manufactured: 


**Manufactured jewelry is created by mass production, creating the same object at a rate of thousands every minute. Perfect in every detail, calculated and everyone can have the same piece.


**Handmade is created one at a time over a matter of days and is imperfect, showing the humanness of the person that was the creator/artist.  Each is a one of a kind --- you will never see it on anyone but yourself.


I believe most artists have an inspiration that brings about their design.

I certainly do. My inspiration comes in the form of nature. Nature has unending designs, just waiting to be seen by the right eyes; it can be geometric, soft and flowing. It is truly amazing - the designs and styles that are present in the natural world.


I am fortunate enough to be in a rural atmosphere on the farm, and near the Blue Ridge Mountain range where inspiration for me is sometimes just plain overwhelming.  


I see beauty in everything --- the way a branch grows off a tree, the way a bird turns its wing in a moment's notice to quickly change course to capture a bug, flowers, weeds, snails, bugs. Even the buds on a hollyhock are a design all to themselves.

So be assured that each piece I create is unique, original, and very much loved before they ever become for sale.


Now you have learned about the difference in what you choose to buy and wear and the inspiration that goes into a one of a kind piece of jewelry. 


But I want to give you a glimpse into my world and my chosen material I work with.

Still with me?  I hope so…


I have learned over the 30 years of making jewelry that what I want to create and what my chosen material I work with don’t always see eye-to-eye. There is an interactive partnership between an artist's mind, their hands, and their chosen material. It is really almost a dance, if you will, between the artist and material. I know what I want the material to do or how I want it to perform, BUT the material tells me what it will allow me to do and not do!


And so the dance begins. It takes a lot of passion and patience to bring forth something from nothing, and I believe there is an emotional connection between a handmade jewelry creation and the person wearing it, brought on by the fact that this piece of jewelry has a past - a history, a story behind it.  


No mass produced jewelry can ever match that feeling. It just is not possible.


Each piece you see in my collection has a beginning story, a reason behind it, its own story, which I happily share and it is my hope that my designs and history of the piece will inspire and complement YOUR unique style.


Many of my buyers have shared with me that friendships have been made in their lives as the ring or necklace they were wearing has sparked conversations and brought about new friendships from passers-by. I hope that for you as well.


I hope that, if the piece is a gift for a loved one, the recipient will realize how much you care to have bought a handmade gift especially for them.


To me...that’s what it is all about.


Thank you for staying with me in this overly long story, but I wanted you to understand how  anything that is handmade is so very special.


May your day be filled with special blessings from YOUR Creator…